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print email was conceived by New York City parents who watched time and again as expectant friends and family attempted to navigate the sea of baby products as though treading uncharted waters.  And then, we realized, they were doing just that.  What becomes an entirely familiar product set to parents within the first year begins as a strange, intimidating and time-consuming shopping expedition.  Parents-to-be set off with a one-page list of baby basics emailed by a friend-of-a-friend, with descriptions no more specific than “Stroller.”  Then they turn to a patchwork of other sources:  new parent friends with strong and divergent opinions; shopping guide books and parenting websites with wide-ranging information that overwhelms as much as informs; and a host of online merchants, who understandably are in the business of promoting the products they sell. is designed for first-time parents who want the “right” products for their baby but do not want to spend every spare minute researching the countless options.  As parents and busy professionals, we set out to provide the information and tools we wish we had before setting foot in the local baby superstore (known to send highly competent parents-to-be fleeing, overwhelmed and empty-handed).   We cut through the clutter to provide you with the benefit of experience and extensive product research – exactly what you need to shop with confidence, nothing more and nothing less.

We have assembled the comprehensive nm Essentials List of the types of products new parents need, including a description of each and selection tips.  For each nm Essentials product type, we researched brand options – doing all the homework you would do if baby products were your full-time job – to come up with a “short list” of popular, quality options and a designated nm Favorite.  For each featured product, we link to reputable online merchants so that, using, busy parents-to-be can conveniently accomplish their baby product shopping online.  Recognizing the importance of trusted friends and family in the nesting process, we also have placed an “email” button on nearly every product page so you can reach out to your personal circle for additional advice.

Because baby product shopping occurs during spare minutes and sometimes at odd hours, offers an easy-to-use tool – the nm My List – for organizing and tracking your nesting efforts: what you have bought, registered for or plan to borrow.  And the nm Registry lets you centralize multiple merchant registries in one place, as well as register for products with merchants who don’t offer registries. 

We are honored to share the nesting experience with you and hope that, once you become a baby product expert yourself, you will continue to participate in the community and share your own experience on our message boards to help other parents in their nesting efforts.

Congratulations – and Happy Nesting!