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What is nesting mode?

"Nesting mode" is the state of preparing your home for the arrival of a newborn.

What is is the answer to the plea of every first-time parent: "Why doesn't someone just tell me exactly what I need (and what I'm supposed to do with it)?!"

Created for expectant parents by experienced parents, is the ultimate guide to gathering the products you and your baby will need on arrival. At, you will find a list of essential products, including popular brand options and product reviews. Create your own personalized list of products and track your nesting efforts - what you have bought, registered for or plan to borrow - and centralize your registries to create one-stop shopping for family and friends.

What are the some of the main features of the

Features of include:

nm Essentials List was created for expectant and new parents who want the best products for their baby but do not want to spend every spare minute researching the countless options. has done the research and is sharing the results - the nm Essentials List of baby products. 

The nm Essentials List is packed with useful information collected and organized in one place:

  • A description of the types of products and why they are essential
  • Selection tips for choosing the brand that is right for you
  • A "short list" of the top brand options for each product
  • A description of each brand and the reasons we like it
  • A designated "nm Favorite" for each type of product
  • The manufacturer's own description and a link to the product on the manufacturer's website (where available)
  • Pictures of the product
  • A selected list of product reviews and awards
  • For each featured product, links to leading merchants and their retail price


nm My List  This is a one-of-a-kind space for members to create a personalized checklist of their baby product selections.  You can:

  • record your product selections
  • indicate your action plan for each item - whether you plan to buy, borrow or register for each item
  • track the status of your nesting efforts


nm Registry  This a revolutionary centralized registry tool lets you: 

  • Automatically fill the nm Registry product list with the product selections from your nm My List
  • Register at as many merchants as you like - no need to limit yourself to the offerings of one or two merchants for your registry
  • Include products on your nm Registry offered by merchants that do not have registries
  • Send the link to your nm Registry to family and friends or refer them to to easily search for your nm Registry


Reviews & Opinions Our message board features product reviews and opinions from sources such as newspapers, magazines, websites and other parents.  Add your own product feedback and advice - you will be the voice of experience in no time!

How do I use this site?

Please see how this site works for a description of's features and functionality.

How do I create my own personalized list of items (nm My List)?

An nm My List is easy to create using our template and serves as a handy checklist you can always find and update online. Choose the products you like and put them on your nm My List, along with an action plan (buy, register or borrow) and the status of your plan. You can even automatically populate your nm My List with nm Favorites. Way to organize!  

Can I add products to my nm My List that are not featured on

Yes.’s list of featured products helps you cut through the clutter of baby products, but you may find other products you love or that are recommended to you by family and friends. Just enter these items on your nm My List. And let us know about that great product you’ve found!

Can I purchase products I find on without creating an nm My List?

Yes. Just click on the Buy Now button to go to an online merchant.

Is there a fee to sign-up for and use its features?

No - it's free!'s content and other valuable features are entirely free to members and users. Create an nm My List, centralize your registries with an nm Registry and print the nm Essentials List at no charge. Family and friends are also welcome to browse the site, contribute Reviews and Opinions and access your nm Registry at no charge.

You can support in two ways: (1) referring family and friends to; and (2) linking to online merchants directly from and making a purchase -- we may be eligible for a referral fee, depending on the merchant.

How does select the products featured on this site?

We do the research you would do if you could make baby products your full-time job. We consult with experienced parents and rely on ongoing feedback. We test the products ourselves and communicate with manufacturers. We survey reviews from other sources, including books, websites, magazines and newspapers, to provide the most up-to-date information. Links to some of the more helpful reviews can be found on our product pages and on the Reviews and Opinions message board for your reference. Share your product opinions and favorite resources on the Reviews and Opinions message board to help other parents make good product choices.  

What types of products are featured on

We look for products that combine functionality and style, including the tried-and-true and smart new innovations.  The products featured on the nm Essentials List are popular choices among parents looking for top quality and value.

Are products featured on selected based on merchant or advertiser relationships?

No. We feature products that we would recommend with confidence to our family and friends. We don't consider the potential for referral fees in selecting products. It is worth noting that referral fees are determined by merchants, not product manufacturers, and not all the merchants we link to offer referral fees. Our advertising is automatically generated by third-party providers.

How does select the merchants it links to for each product?

We link to popular and reputable merchants of baby products - merchants we expect you would use. We also look for merchants who carry a number of the products featured on to make your browsing, shopping and registering process more efficient. Finally, we look for hidden gems -- online merchants you may not have heard of but who offer a broad range of top quality products, including selections featured on, at fair prices and on good terms.

Can I include merchants on my nm My List or nm Registry that does not link to?

Yes. Add any store or site that you like to your nm My List or nm Registry. We keep on top of which products are available at some of the more popular and reputable baby product merchants and try to find the best prices. Tell us about your favorite merchants!

How is the nm Registry different from traditional registries?

With an nm Registry, register at as many stores and sites as you like and centralize your registries at Also, add products from merchants who do not offer registries. There's no need to limit your registry to the products offered by one or two merchants.

How do my family and friends purchase gifts from my nm Registry?

Once you've set up an nm Registry, send the link to your family and friends or refer them to where they can easily search for your nm Registry. Gift-givers can view all the products you've registered for and link directly to the merchants you’ve selected to make purchases. To keep your nm Registry up-to-date, we ask gift-givers to return and update which items they have purchased.

How do I share my nm My List with family and friends?

With the handy "email" button, you can send your nm My List to family and friends to view. In fact, there is an “email” button on almost every page of, so you can get the opinions of people you know and trust on anything you find on the site. Experienced parents love to share their wisdom!

Sounds great!  How should I get started?

First, read through the nm Essentials List to learn about what you'll need and to familiarize yourself with popular quality brand options.  Then, create your nm My List, an online checklist to record your product selections and track your nesting efforts.  Buy featured products by clicking through to listed merchants or any merchant you choose.  When you're ready to register, create an nm Registry to centralize mercant registries and register for products with merchants who don't offer their own registry.  Then send family and friends the link to your nm Registry or direct them to where they can easily search for your nm Registry.  Happy Nesting!