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What is nestingmode?

Our mission is to guide expectant parents through the maze of baby products.
We've collected the information you need (and only what you need) in one place to gather the
perfect stuff. And we've created easy-to-use tools to help you keep track of your progress.
Simplify your nesting experience with nestingmode - and it's all free!


The nm essentials checklist

The ultimate checklist of the 100+ products you and your baby will need on arrival - plus descriptions, explanations and parent tips.

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The nm essentials checklist

nm favorites

We've collected reviews and opinions on popular brands to create a "short list" of your top options for each item - including a designated nm favorite - to simplify your selection process.

The nm essentials checklist

Stay organized with my list

Sign up to create your own list of product selections and track your nesting efforts - what you have bought, registered for or plan to borrow. A one-of-a-kind organizer and shopping list.

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The nm essentials checklist

Get feedback

Ask your family and parent friends what they think about your product selections. They are dying to tell you - and, who knows, their comments could be really helpful!

The nm essentials checklist

What do other parents/reviewers have to say?

No need to Google each product yourself. We've collected reviews and opinions from a variety of trusted sources, from leading publications to experienced parents.

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The nm essentials checklist


Be kind to gift-givers with a single answer to, "Where are you registered?"

Register at your favorite stores and sites.

Centralize your registries with my list.

Then refer family and friends to
my registry to see all the items
you've registered for across
stores, with convenient
links to each registry.

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The nm essentials checklist